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About Meta Tag Generator

How do you write meta tags? The web page address

The title of the page is the first step in SEO to optimize any website on the page after research and analysis (such as keyword research, competitors, scope, and target market analysis). The website page title is not displayed anywhere on the website, but it appears at the top of the webpage window bar, and you can find it afterwards by pressing Ctrl + U or viewing the source page in the section in between.



The page title appears in the search engine result with the link link and is highlighted in blue with a large font, which is why it attracts customers or users to click on the desired. Search engines give high priority to your site's page titles, so make sure you type them correctly.


How to write?

Sort your keywords and select some of the best keywords for your web page, choosing keywords based on the relevance of your page. Don't write more than 63 characters because Google doesn't display more than that, try creating a line with the help of these keywords or put the keywords after the commas.


Describe the definition of SEO?

Meta is also hidden at the back end. Meta descriptions are only designed for search engine results, although Google sometimes doesn't replace its search results description exactly, but it can deliver some related text from anywhere on the web page.


How to write? 

It contains about 245 characters of the page title space, so you can describe the important part of your mission or vision, and you can also add some discount offers, services, and major products to increase user interest in your website.


Keywords SEO Meta:

Descriptive keywords are not very useful to Google since 2008, since Google is the most intelligent search engine, and it selects keywords by its own ability. After crawling your web page, Google chooses keywords according to keyword density, if you use an unimportant word in your text copy multiple times, then Google can assume that this spam is one of your keywords.


How to write? 

Once I remember when we used to hide our keywords by typing a unique word and didn't use our target keywords for purposes of hiding from competitors. The world is getting smarter these days, and you don't need to hide your keywords, just put the best keywords in the meta keyword tag, not for Google, but there are many other search engines and robots that are still crawling your descriptive keywords and giving them some importance.


Hope this help for beginners SEO in polishing skills free web content, feel free to contact us for any kind of SEO queries and SEO services.