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My Love Story - the last part

My Love Story – the last part

All the way, the fairy kept thinking about diamonds, how can a person fall in love with someone in such a short time, are just moments enough to love someone …? And then he remembered the sad face of the diamond when he was watching him go. He also became sad. At about five o’clock in the evening, the fairy reached home. Her father was waiting for her. She was very lovable

After dinner, the fairy went to her room. She took out the slip from the bag in which the number of diamond was written. She kept looking at the number for a long time. She sent her father’s number and her home address on the diamond number. She wrote her name and then she started waiting for Diamond’s reply. Half an hour later, a message came on Pari’s mobile. She saw that it was Diamond’s message. She wrote, “I will come to Lahore tomorrow with my aunt.” Pari sent this message. I read it ten times but he didn’t answer. Diamond didn’t text me again. Fairy also started to like diamonds. Shahid from day one but she was unaware of this. She couldn’t sleep all night. She paid Shahid Fajr. Fell asleep

At ten o’clock in the morning, his father came and woke him up. He saw the clock. He thought that Shahid Diamond had arrived. He spent the day waiting like this. The eyes of both of them were standing. Once again a dimple appeared on the fairy’s cheek. Then both of them lowered their eyes. The aunt of Diamond also came in. The fairy greeted them and took her to the sitting room. When Baba came, she went inside the kitchen
Diamond’s aunt introduced herself and explained the reason for her arrival and then told the whole story of Murree which Diamond had told her. The fairy’s father was a very well-mannered man. He asked for some time and told him to wait. The servant brought him whatever he wanted. The fairy went to her room. He saw her going out of the window. Diamond also looked back. Their eyes met again and they could feel the intensity of love even from so far away.

At dinner, the fairy’s father talked to him about the diamond, and he was very clear. He told his father the whole truth, and then he realized that the diamond was a good boy, and the fairy liked him. Has started
The next morning he called Diamond’s mother and said yes. When Diamond came home in the evening, he was very happy to hear this news. He texted the fairy: Congratulations, the fairy read his message but did not reply. It was decided that the marriage would take place in ten days. Diamond was very happy. He was going to get whomever he wanted.
Friday evening Diamond was present at the fairy’s house with her family. The fairy’s friend Kaush decorated the fairy very beautifully. The fairy looked very attractive. The bridegroom’s marriage was read. The fairy was crying a lot with her father

Arriving in Murree, the fairy called Baba once … The diamond was with the fairy at that time … There was silence for a long time after the call was cut … Then the diamond broke the silence …

Fairy, are you happy with me? Diamond asked Fairy A. He just shook his head … Fairy I will not make big claims on you … I will just say that whenever you take my name I will be yours I will pass …. I will try that you will never be in any trouble …. and you will be happy …. the fairy bus was going to hear the diamond ….. why are you so silent … You look good speaking … After so long he said this sentence …. I just want to hear you … There is a deep smile on Diamond’s face … He picked up the guitar and the fairy was happy Done … a dimple appeared on his face …. you know how attractive your dimples are … it makes him want to drown … he laughed out loud when he heard this ….
Tell me what you want to hear.
The fairy said … love song
The fairy felt as if her heartbeat was also dancing to the tune of love and then they would both get lost in the tune of love …

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