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This true story was told to me by a friend of mine

I was coming back from the office and I was looking for a bus in Saddar – after waiting for a while I got a minibus and I sat in it and waited for it to fill up – Saddar area of ​​Karachi It’s a business and bustling area and you’ll see all sorts of people heading to their destinations – I could see fruit stalls out of the minibus window.

All of a sudden I saw a semi-crazy man who exploded. He was dressed in old clothes and some naughty peddlers were throwing small stones and fruit peels at him to annoy him – and when he got angry they were having fun – meanwhile a man came up to him. And he hugged her and sympathized with her – I saw this scene and thought that there was at least one man among so many naughty people who was sympathizing with this semi-crazy man and Comforting him – but the next moment.

I wasn’t too surprised when the man started gesturing to the naughty peddlers with his other hand that the crazy man was stoned. And keep beating the fruit peels, that is, on the one hand he was embracing the madman and giving false consolation as if no one was more sympathetic to him and on the other hand he was also gesturing to the naughty people to kill this man.

This incident is a great example of hypocrisy – and the following proverbs come to mind when you hear it, such as a knife in the armpit, a ram ram in the mouth, or a wolf in the guise of a sheep – we should beware of such dangerous people living a poet What a wonderful way to screw people over
Thousands of sympathizers are found at every turn
Probably a lot of actors in my town.

Do well

This true story was told to me by a friend of mine – it so happened that a cousin of my friend got married but after a long time they did not have any children – they became very upset and at the same time the family members Start making things up – that is, as many words as there are mouths – an aunt of the family will reach such a point that she will start advising the boy’s mother that when your daughter-in-law is not able to give birth, take her by the hand and take her out of the house Don’t fire?

That is, why don’t you get a divorce from your son, but the boy’s mother had the fear of God in her heart – so she didn’t pay any attention to this advice – the matter was settled and after some time her aunt’s daughter also got married. But a few days later it was found out that he was divorced and she came home.

the reason was that his son-in-law did not like his wife so he divorced her from another girl. Married – This incident teaches us a lesson that we do not want someone else’s bad because it does not take long for those who want someone else’s bad to become their own bad – a wise man says the ugliness of morals and attitudes We don’t realize it until they treat us.

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