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About Word Counter

Word Counter - Free Word and Character Counter

It is impossible to take a seat and count what percentage word you've got written in your article or blog. so as to write down an SEO optimized content there must be the accurate keyword density. additionally, for that you simply got to count the words. With this tool, you not got to count one by one it'll generate the accurate number of total characters and words utilized in the article within a fraction of second.

How does free word counter works?

One of the simplest things about using word counter tool is that it helps you to see the precise number of word count which too in an automatic fashion. Each content that's posted across the web possesses a particular word limit; if you're getting to exceed this limit then the whole content may become monotonous to read. Hence, it's vital that the content is kept within the word limit set.

There are several websites on the web which have set a selected word limit. Being a writer, it becomes increasingly important to stick to the present word limit in order that your content gets accepted by the web site and is posted easily. Manual word counting can convince be the tedious jobs within the world and hence there are several free word counter tools that are easily available across the web.

Why to use the free counter tool offered by us?
We at Solid SEO Tools have developed this amazing word counter tool and therefore the better part is that this tool is totally free. If you're a content writer or SEO expert and need to understand the precise word limit of your content then all you would like to try to to is to repeat and paste your content into this box and click on on the count words option.

The ultimate result are going to be displayed ahead of your display screen within seconds. the simplest part is that you simply can use this tool on your smart phone and expect accurate results. Another better part about the word counter offered by us is that the result shown by this tool consists of characters also as words.

If you would like to see the precise character limit while creating Meta tag descriptions or tweets, then just simply copy and paste the content and click on the count words option.

Excellent recommendations on the way to use these tools during a correct manner
The foremost tip to be followed while using word counter tool is to form sure that relevant and proper content is copied and pasted within the word counter box.

Though can easily check the word count through MS-Word except for that you simply got to enable few options and hence the perfect thing to try to to is to use automatic online word counters. sometimes you'll got to check the character limit or word limit of a specific paragraph or line.

In such scenarios, online word counters can convince be of great help. aside from the web word counter tool, there are several more tools which will be used like keyword density checker and tons more.